Cleaning Service


Each facility has its unique and specific environmental requirements. We draw on our extensive experience and expertise to customise solutions that add value by allocating the right resources to each task. Our cleaning specialists are hired directly and undergo specific training to ensure that they are equipped with the right skill sets and knowledge to consistently deliver quality services tailored to your needs.

Beyond cleaning, we help you to reach your environmental and sustainability goals by taking a green approach in the work that we do. From our systems and work processes to our equipment and cleaning materials, we help businesses reduce waste through proper waste management methods, increasing recycling, using environmentally friendly chemicals and more.

Our services include :

  • General Facility and Office Cleaning
  • Environmental and Pest Control
  • External Façade Cleaning
  • Specialised Floor Maintenance
  • Carpet Shampooing and Maintenance
  • Refuse Removal
  • Landscaping
  • Supply of Cleaning Equipment and Chemicals
  • Air Quality Control